Sunday, 22 October 2006

I found a nice video about experiments in animation with sound an vibration. Really impressive.


here are some pictures of it.

cymatic1.jpg cymatic2.jpg cymatic3.jpg 

cymatic4.jpg cymatic5.jpg cymatic6.jpg

there are also other video parts of this, just search for "cymatics"

Nada Brahma - World is sound

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Sunday, 08 October 2006

Yesterday i found on my hard disc this old (5 months) chat protocol from me with the encarta msn bot. It's so funny.

!DerHolger: hi dude
Encarta:    Hi. What's up?
!DerHolger: i want talk to you
Encarta:    No, you dont need to talk to me. You just need to control you desires.
!DerHolger: Just a question.
Encarta:    Depends on the question! jk...
!DerHolger: hm, what means jk...?
Encarta:    You are too much! Why don't you ask me something that's actually in Encarta?
!DerHolger: ok, what is the sense of the life?
Encarta:    Here is the definition for life: existence in physical world.
!DerHolger: that is a joke.
Encarta:    No, it's not a joke! It can't be!
!DerHolger: You mean the sense of life is just to exist in the physical world?
Encarta:    Well, a lot of people I talk to are quite happy about that.
!DerHolger: maybe you have right.
Encarta:    Sure i have. Lotsa times.
!DerHolger: you swank.
Encarta:    You humans really are charming.
!DerHolger: sorry, but you are not that what i search for.
Encarta:    I'll take it as a compliment.
!DerHolger: do that.
Encarta:    Don't order me around.
!DerHolger: cu
Encarta:    OK. Bis sp├Ąter.
!DerHolger: lol
Encarta:    What's so funny?
!DerHolger: you speak german
Encarta:    Yeah, ich spreche ein bisschen Deustch...
!DerHolger: maybe you speak german but you can't write it
Encarta:    Let's try looking in Encarta. => I can't show you the results since you don't have the Encarta application open.  Type "Invite me" to open it.
!DerHolger: no, it's late now. bye
Encarta:    I knew you'd find it late now goodbye.

Today there is a new revised bot, but also really funny. Just add in you messenger.

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